Monday, December 20, 2010

Candycane Wreath Created by Alice Krause

We had a super cute submission for our "We'll give you ours if you show us
yours" contest. We received:

Candycane Wreath
Created by Alice Krause of (Seattle, WA)

If you SHOW us yours, we'll GIVE you ours. 
This is where you show off your natural talents. We will give you 100 yards of free Cream City Ribbon® if we use the image of your ribbon project on our website. Just send a .jpg image to clearly showing your finished product and if we like it, the ribbon is yours.  We even pay to ship it!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cream City Ribbon Dispenser Box

How to Make Your Own Cream City Ribbon Storage Box

                Most people who are fond of crafts and arts are looking for storage solutions for their materials and supplies.  To help you properly store your various spools of Cream City Ribbon, we bring you the Cream City Ribbon way of making your own ribbon storage box from recycled materials.  This Cream City Ribbon box dispenser is made from recycled materials you can find around your home.  Now, your ribbons are stored and sorted properly, without unraveling and getting tangled up.
                Follow these easy steps, and not only do you have a smart way of organizing your Cream City Ribbon supplies, but you have also helped the environment.  Note that these instructions may be adjusted according to the size of your box, and the number of ribbons you will store.

·         Shoebox
·         Ribbon spools
·         Chopsticks or anything you can find that may serve as a dowel
·         Old buttons, yarns, and scrapbooking materials (for decoration)
·         Wrapping paper (recycle old gift wrappers or colored paper)
·         Glue gun and glue stick
·         Scissors

Step 1.  Find a shoebox that can fit your ribbon spools inside, height-wise and length-wise.  Arrange your Cream City Ribbon spools inside the shoebox, in a manner that would still let you get ribbons from the roll. 
Step 2.  Once you have decided on the box to use, you can wrap it with the wrapping paper according to your own creative design.  Make sure that the corners do not become too thick with wrapping paper, as you may have a hard time opening and closing the box.  Wrapping the box will make it stronger and more durable, at the same time making it look fancy and pretty.
Step 3.  Cut two rectangles out of foam core straps, which would fit inside your box.

Step 4.  Lay the largest spool on the back side of the foam core, leaving room around the edges so that it can spin freely and make the trace hole.
Step 5.  Cut two channels into each side of the foam core ending with the traced circles.
Step 6.  Cut two dowels to fit into the channels 1/8” shorter than the length of the box.
Step 7.  Pull a length of elastic tight around the box.  Tie it off in the back.

Step 8.  Thread spool of ribbon onto the dowels.
Step 9.  Place dowels in channels and pull ribbon through elastic and put the lid on.

Now, you have your own Cream City Ribbon storage and dispenser box!  The Cream City Ribbon Box is also handy for cutting and wrapping.  Not just that – it looks great on your shelf too.  Keep your natural ribbons neat and tidy with this Cream City Ribbon Box.
You don’t have to throw away unused items in your home.  You can re-use them and recycle them in your own creative way.  With Cream City Ribbon, making new things out of the old is common practice.
Let this practice be your own. 
                Go Green.
                Use all-American products.
                Buy natural products.
                Use Cream City Ribbon.
                Explore all possibilities with Cream City Ribbon – the ribbon that’s green in every color.
E-mail us at for more information, or go to our main website at Cream City Ribbon for orders and inquiries.