Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Blooms

As summer errupts in a profusion of blooms and vines and leafy wonders I can't help but think of how to mimick that with our ribbon.  Cream City Ribbon is a bit firm and can be made to stand and hold its shape giving you a wide range of use and sculpting capabilities.  The two packages below are using our signature  "floof bow" as a jumping off point.  

The first package is the Water Lily and was created by tying white 1/2" ribbon off with a thin piece of ribbon that was stripped from a 1/2" jonquil ribbon and curled.  After securing the loops the ends of the bows were turned inside out, pinched together to make a point and pushed down to round out the edges.  To give it that floating feel I wrapped the gift in a wavy paper of blues and greens.

The second gift is the Lazy Daisy.  This is also a play on our floof bow.  I created this flower by first taking (3) 4" lengths of brown 1/2" ribbon and twisting them together in the middle and tying them with a 12" narrow strip of brown ribbon and strip and curl the ends until you have a small pom-pon sort of bow.  Set that within reach and tie a jonquil floof bow making large 7" or 8" loops until the flower is as full as you would like it to be.  Tie the large bow off with the small brown pom-pon bow and tie it to your bag.  Arrange the loops until you are happy with your flower.  Experiment with color combinations.  What does your favorite daisy look like?

With any of the flowers or bows you can tie more than one together to get a bigger fuller bow.  If there is a limit to how big your bow can be - we haven't found it yet.  Maybe that is a good project for our next blog... the Bigger, the Better.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Favors

Green weddings and events are all the rage. No matter what color theme you've got going on, Cream City Ribbon makes it green.  Our 100% cotton ribbon is made in the US and is printed with soybased inks.  The ribbon itself biodegrades at about the same consistency as a leaf.  All that being said, you can get some really beautiful looks with our ribbon that other ribbon can't achieve.  You can fold it, curl it, tie it, shred it and strip it to width.  The natural properties of our ribbon allow it to hold it's shape.  Best of all at the end of your big day you can compost or recyle Cream City Ribbon and that is something we can all commit to.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Prayer Ribbons

I’ve been sitting on this story for awhile, not quite sure how or when to present it.  I guess the very best way to do it would be to just send you the follow-up email that we received and show you the pictures.  Here is her letter telling us about the experience:

“I wanted to write you a note to thank you for the beautiful ribbons, and to send you some pictures from our get-together.  As you may recall, we lost one of our closest friends to ovarian cancer in May.  She was only 42.  A suggestion was made to create "prayer ribbons" to be available as her loved ones gathered for her memorial service.  We cut the ribbons into lengths and provided pens for people to write a prayer, or wish, or whatever they liked in her memory.  Last month a smaller group of us got together at another friend's cabin in the woods of Michigan, where our friend who had passed away wanted to have her ashes spread.  We tied the ribbons to a longer string and strung them between 3 pine trees set in a triangle near where she wanted her ashes spread.  It was just beautiful.  We read all the ribbons and cried and laughed and shared memories of her.  Now the ribbons will be there until they begin to decompose, or the birds use them for their nests.  It was very important that the ribbons were bio-degradable, so we are so thankful to have found you folks.  The attached pictures don't do justice to the experience, but I hope they will work for you."

We are very honored to have been part of such a beautiful memorial.  Thanks for sharing.