Monday, September 20, 2010

Bows and Flower Ribbons: The Cream City Ribbon Way

There are many various uses for ribbons where you can make different designs and styles. You can use ribbons to make decorations, such as bows and flowers. Use them to adorn gifts, scrapbooks, clothes, accessories, and anything else you can think.
To make the most use of ribbons, learn the basic skill of making a flower bow out of ribbon. Your Cream City Ribbon is a non-woven ribbon made from 100% natural cotton and responsibly grown and dyed in the US, and is easy to play around with. Youcan tie it, curl it, shred it, fold it, and quill it, allowing you create multiple bows out of it.
Instead of just making a simple shoelace bow, you can make a flower ribbon. First, learn the basics of making your Cream City Ribbon bow. With your Cream City Ribbon, you don’t have to use wires, or rulers to make your bow. All you need is your Cream City Ribbon.
Step 1. Get your Cream City Ribbon of choice. Any color, design, or print would do, as long as you feel that it goes well with your gift box, scrapbook design, or project. Really, it’s all up to your own creativity!
Step 2. Cut your Cream City Ribbon according to the size of bow you want. The bigger the bow, the longer the length of the ribbon you need. Three to five yards is advisable especially since you’re still practicing perfecting your bow.
Step 3. Get one end of your Cream City Ribbon (about 8 to 10 inches), and make a loop, making sure that there is a little bit more hanging from the loose end. At the center (where the loop ends), twist the ribbon once, and make another loop.
Step 4. It is important to twist the ribbon, not pinch it, so that you have a nice, tight center. This prevents the ribbon from splitting and insures that the printed side will always face the top. Repeat step 3 until you run out of ribbon. You can make smaller loops as you go.

Step 5. Secure with a twistie or a narrower strip of Cream City Ribbon. Fan out your loops to make one bow. (You can “floof” and arrange your loops, so they stand up and hold their shape, a little like a wired ribbon).
To make multiple bows, simply repeat the process using another variation of your Cream City Ribbon.

Voila! You now have multiple bows. Making a fabulous bow such as this cannot be achieved with just ordinary ribbons. With Cream City Ribbon, you can achieve extraordinary designs.
Explore your possibilities with the ribbons that are naturally beautiful.
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