Monday, September 20, 2010

Cream City Ribbon®: The Natural American Ribbon

Where do you buy your ribbons? The bookstore? The mall? Did it ever occur to you where your ribbons came from, or how they were made? Did you ever stop and think whether the simple decorative ribbons you use affect the environment?

In this time when our country is suffering from recession, when most jobs are outsourced and more products are being imported instead of exported, it is important to remember that solidarity among Americans is vital to our survival.

In this time when the environment has already suffered so much, and nature is little by little getting back at us because of our wasteful and apathetic lifestyle, it is important to remember that it is now time for us to be careful, and think of the environment.

Imagine your imported plastic ribbons, probably made by underpaid factory workers, travelling thousands of miles, just to end up in your landfill, floating in a local lake, or worse, eaten by a bird.

Cream City Ribbon caters to commercial and industrial companies. To date, it is being used for industrial and manufacturing purposes. Now, Cream City Ribbon extends its product line to decorative ribbons for crafting, scrapbooking, and various creative home solutions.

Cream City Ribbon proudly offers you our all-American ribbon, natural in every way. For all your gift wrapping, crafts, home decorations, and scrapbooking needs, Cream City Ribbon has everything you need. With 29 colors and 33 designs to choose from, Cream City Ribbon is your ultimate decoration solution.

Made from natural cotton responsibly grown and dyed in the US, our natural ribbons are 100% safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. You can discard your ribbons after use; recycle it in your garden; tie up your plants; or it can go to straight to the compost bin. With our biodegradable ribbons, you don’t have to worry about hurting the environment. Cream City Ribbon is absolutely “green” in every gorgeous color.

Cream City Ribbon is the only American company that manufactures natural and biodegradable ribbons in the country. Acid and lignin free, our ribbons are safe for children and pets, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it away from them. Now, you can enjoy your projects with your kids, without having to worry about chemical components and its effects on your child.

Various Project Suggestions for Cream City Ribbons:

· Place settings

· Ornaments

· Home décor

· Greeting cards

· Scrapbooks

· Paper bags

· Gift wrapping design

· Garlands

What You Can Do with Cream City Ribbons:

· Curl it

· Shred it

· Tie it

· Fold it

· Strip it

· Print on it

· Cut it

· Weave it

· Quill it

25% of energy purchased by our manufacturing facility is derived from renewable alternative energy sources. Our goal at Cream City Ribbon is to give you ribbons that are “green” in every color.

For any occasion, presentation is crucial. With Cream City ribbons, you can do what you can’t with ordinary plastic ribbons. Go green. Explore your possibilities.

Help Cream City Ribbon preserve nature.

Buy natural.

Buy American.

Buy Cream City ribbons!

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