Sunday, September 26, 2010

Naturally Fun, Naturally Exciting, Naturally Cream City Ribbon.

                The past couple of months, we have been working on extending our products to the consumer market. Since then, we have gotten to know more people in the crafting world. Most are willing to lend a hand, and everybody shares ideas and provides suggestions. It’s all slowly but surely coming around for us at Cream City Ribbon.

                Soon, we will be posting contests, sending out exciting giveaways and coming up with new projects. The great thing about this is that we are sure that each person we reach out to will not be disappointed with our natural ribbon. We, at Cream City Ribbon, are confident about the beauty and uniqueness of our product. Our big challenge right now is getting the ribbons to you.
We are bursting with enthusiasm over planning the next projects, promos, and ideas that we just can’t help but write about it here. We know that “to see is to believe” still applies here, and our photos don’t do our colorful and vibrant ribbons any justice. We want you to be able to see and touch our ribbons so you can better understand and explore the many ways to manipulate and use them in your various projects.
Very soon, friends, you will see. That is a promise we are giving you now, and at Cream City Ribbon, we make sure that our integrity is as strong as the tensile strength of our ribbons.
                Keep posted, and follow us through:


  1. Can't wait to see what you have coming up. I love everything natural and I love that you are bringing it into my favorite craft. Not to mention American made. Love it!!!

  2. thanks grace! the contest is up already. please do join us!


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