Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cream City Ribbon Hair Accessories

If you find yourself looking for hair accessories, and you just can’t seem to find one you like, Cream City Ribbon recommends making your own. Many things can be recycled and used for something else. You can come up with fabulous creations just by diving inside your closet or storage boxes.
Simple buttons, ribbons, or beads from old bracelets and accessories can be turned into a whole new fashion accessory. It’s all about exploring your possibilities with the Cream City Ribbon. Here is a simple project you can do, to make a hair accessory. Glam it up further!
· Cream City Ribbon (1 ½ yards)
· Button, bead, or anything to decorate the center of your bow
· Hair tie or hair pin/clip
· Needle and thread
· Glue stick
Step 1. Gather all materials. You can use buttons from old clothes, or beads from old accessories you don’t use anymore. This button was taken from an old skirt.
Step 2. Make a ribbon bow or ribbon flower using your Cream City Ribbon. Get one end of your Cream City Ribbon (about 8 to 10 inches), and make a loop, making sure that there is a little bit more hanging from the loose end. At the center (where the loop ends), twist the ribbon once, and make another loop. Do this until you run out of ribbon, or until you feel that you have enough bows or petals. To make a fuller bow, start with bigger loops, and end with a small one.
Note: The purpose of twisting the ribbon is to secure it in the middle, so you can make another loop at a different angle, and to be able to turn the ribbons around, so that the printed side is the one seen (for printed Cream City Ribbon). If you prefer to use both sides, you can opt to not twist the ribbon at the center when going from loop to loop.
Step 3. When finished, fold the last bit of ribbon left in the middle. You can use a push pin to hold it down, and look at your finished bow so you can make adjustments before you sew on the button.
Step 4. Sew on the button using your needle and thread. Make sure that it’s tight and secure.
Voila! You’ve got a pretty bow.
Step 5. Using your glue stick or glue gun, stick the hair tie to the back of your bow.
Step 6. Embellish it further! You can shred another color of your Cream City Ribbon, tie it on the base of your hair tie, and curl it. You can be as bold with your designs as you want to be.
With your Cream City Ribbon, you can make simple knots and bows, to use with your hair pins and clips.
Go ahead; explore your possibilities with Cream City Ribbon.
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